Parent & Me Program - Information

The goals of our Parent & Me Program are to provide a social experience for both toddlers and parents, while also providing an educational component in the form of a parent discussion group led by our director or teachers.  The program is intended for toddlers, starting at one year of age up to those not yet old enough to attend preschool, and their parent(s).

The program provides an opportunity for parents to learn about parenting and child development and to share child-rearing information.  Parents observe and explore with their children and have the opportunity to connect with other parents who are in a similar phase of parenting.  It’s also a chance for both parents and toddlers to get sand in their shoes, paint on their clothes and a new song in their head!

Flow of the Day

We begin each class with approximately 25 minutes of free play that includes choices such as play-dough, paint, toys, sand play, climbing structures, and swings.  Parents and children then come together for a greeting and songs, followed by a healthy snack for the children, which we provide.  After snack, the children are free to play again under the supervision of the teachers, while their parents gather for a discussion group of approximately thirty minutes with our Director, Joanna Port.  Parents are invited to bring their parenting and child development questions to the group.  We close the class as the Director reads a book to the children.


The Parent & Me Program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the school year at the Crestwood Hills Park next door to the school. The park address is 1000 Hanley Avenue, Los Angeles, California, 90049.

During the SUMMER months, the program meets only on Fridays at our school.

New sessions begin approximately every three months, and families are welcome to join mid-session if spaces permit. Unfortunately, we do not offer make-up classes.  Classes may be cancelled due to rain.  Once accepted into our Parent & Me Program, most families attend for one to two years until their child is old enough to attend preschool.  Please note that you may apply to the Parent & Me Program at any time.

While participation in the Parent & Me Program is an excellent opportunity to get to know our philosophy, our Director, and some of our teachers, it does not guarantee admission to the school.

It is not necessary to take a tour of the school in order to apply to the Parent & Me Program.

Fall 2017

Tuesday classes:  September 12th through November 28th : $480.00

      8:30am - 10am Youngers [12 months to 20 months]

     10:15am - 11:45pm Olders [21 months to preschool]

Thursday classes:  September 14th through November 30th

     8:30am -  10am Olders [21 months to preschool]     

     10:15am - 11:45pm Youngers [12 months to 20 months]

Winter 2017

Tuesday classes:  December 5th through February 20th: $400.00

      8:30am - 10am Youngers [12 months to 20 months]

     10:15am - 11:45pm Olders [21 months to preschool]

Thursday classes:  December 7th through February 22nd: $400.00

     8:30am -  10am Olders [21 months to preschool]     

     10:15am - 11:45pm Youngers [12 months to 20 months]


How to Apply

1. Fill out the Parent & Me Application
2. Wait for confirmation that you are accepted to the program
3. Pay the Parent & Me Tuition

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