A playful learning community for children and parents 

Crestwood Hills Preschool is a cooperative and developmental preschool where parents are an integral part of their child’s first educational experience. We are fortunate to be located in a spacious, natural environment, where children might spot a deer on our hiking trail, experience the joy of harvesting apples from the tree in our school garden, or watch a bird feeding its babies in one of our sycamore trees. This idyllic setting is nestled (to the surprise of some) in the hills of Kenter Canyon, just north of Sunset Boulevard, in the Brentwood area of West Los Angeles.


Preschool Programs

We offer four classes for preschool aged children: our Morning "Three" Year Old Class, our Morning "Four" Year Old Class, our Afternoon "Three" Year Old Class and our Afternoon "Four" Year Old Class. We also offer an all day Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) Program. Classes meet five days per week, except during July and August, when classes meet Monday through Thursday.

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K Program is designed for our oldest children. Typically, these are children who have already participated in two years of preschool and are either too young for Kindergarten or would benefit from an additional year of preschool.


Parent & Me Program - Information

The goals of our Parent & Me Program are to provide a social experience for both toddlers and parents, while also providing an educational component in the form of a parent discussion group led by our director or teachers.  The program is intended for toddlers, whom we define as those children who are walking and are not yet old enough to attend preschool, and their parent(s).